Gender, Sexuality, and the City

Performance Ireland. Special Issue. Eds. Shonagh Hill (Author),‎ Cormac O’Brien (Author)

Irish Theatre International/Irish Society for Theatre Research

Kindle Edition. Carysfort Press.

Performance Ireland Special Issue: Gender, Sexuality, and the CityAt the core of this special issue of Performance Ireland are two crucial questions: how do gender and sexuality shape these processes of metropolitan being by doing, and how might performance intervene and thus shed critical light on them? The ways in which we circulate and move through our cities is based on an intersectionality of identity-based factors – gender, sexuality, class, race, and disability – which can, depending on both geo- and bio-political power structures, enable flourishment within, and afford or deny access to, public spaces. This volume focuses on how and why performance might enable exploration of the conditions through which our urban spaces contain, confine, enable, and sometimes champion sexed and gendered subjectivities, as well as examining the consequences of these movements both within and for our urban spaces.

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