ISTR Conference 2022 – Programme

Citizenship, Conflict, and Performance

University of Ulster at Magee, Derry
June 3-4, 2022



3 & 4 June, 2022

Friday 3rd June
11-12:30  Registration

Welcome from Prof Tom Maguire, Associate Dean for Education and Dr Brian Bridges, Research Director

Lunch: Tea / Coffee / Sandwiches

1:00 – 2:30 pm PANEL 1 Mary Moynihan (TUD & Smashing Times Theatre Co) “States of Independence”

Sarah Busch (UCD & Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg) “‘They Think We’re Foul-Mouthed Sluts’: Three Outcast Women and Their Relationship to the Audience in SHIT by THISISPOPBABY”


Chiedza Chinhanu (Leeds) “Artistic Citizenship: The Citizenship of Women in Zimbabwe’s Prisons”

Panel 2 Kevin De Ornellas (UU) “It’s a fine opportunity, really”: Noel Coward’s Dr Alec Harvey – Sexual Opportunist and Failed Citizen”

Klara Hutkova (Charles University) “Marina Carr’s By the Bog of Cats…: Irish Travellers, Irish Citizens?”

Kelly McCloy (UU)

Arnold Wesker: Too Much of an Outsider

2:45 – 4:15pm PANEL 3 Caoimhe Baxter (UCD) ‘There’s a Unity That Happens’: The Armagh Rhymers, the EMU Project, and the Use of Theatre in a Post-Conflict Society

Fiona Fearon (DKIT)

The Dundalk Maytime Festival (1965-2006) – Citizenship as Performance

Miriam Haughton (NUIG) Grieving for Ungrievable Bodies: Performance, Care, and Intergenerational Response

PANEL 4 Sarah Hoover (UCC)

Buying Galway, Buying Ghent: connective response to Mona, a place-based sound walk

Angela Butler (TCD)

What Takes Place in the Space Between? Tulips, AI, and World-Makers

Lucy Freedman (QMUL) Producing Bourgeois Citizens: Performance, Participation, and Pedagogy at the National Justice Museum

4:30-5:15 Discussion Panel How Might We Nurture a Shared-Island Approach to Supporting the Performing Arts?

Victoria Durrer (UCD), Aoife McGrath (QUB), Emma McAlister (UCD/QUB)

7pm: 19:00-19:30 A Crack in Everything Film (25 mins). Playhouse, Artillery Street, Derry. See details below.


Keynote Performance of “Shedding of Skin” by Kabosh Theatre Company, at the Playhouse Theatre (Artillery Street, Derry)

The performance will be followed by a panel discussion with director Paula McFetridge, and Dr Maria Estrada-Fuentes (RHUL).

A programme of evening events at the Playhouse, relating to its pioneering work in post-conflict theatre, is below.

9:00-10:30 Panels PANEL 5 Eamonn Jordan (UCD) “Intricate Solidarities and Explicit Common Good in Contemporary Irish Dramaturgy”

Finian O’Gorman & Patrick Lonergan (NUIG)

Programming models of citizenship: Diversity, programming, and the Galway International Arts Festival.”

Fiona Schirmer (U of Georgia) Naturalization Ceremonies: Performative Ritual to Produce Stand-Up Citizens

PANEL 6 Online Kasia Lech “Making Space: Female Migrant Artists’ Activism in Contemporary British Theatre”

Yingjun Wei (TCD) “Performing Gendered Disaster Nationalism and its Feminist Resistance in China: The Performativity of Gender, National Identity and Public Assembly in the COVID-19 Pandemic”

Johanna Karlsson (Aberystwyth) “Bodies, Impulses, Desires, and the Citizen-Subject”

11:15-12:15 Keynote: Dr Christopher Fitz-Simons: “OEDIPUS UNDER TWO SUNS: Productions by Tyrone Guthrie in Tel Aviv and Helsingfors in the aftermath of WW2”


12:30-13:00 BOOK LAUNCHES and Celebrations
13:00-14:00 Lunch Post-Graduate Student Lunch: First Steps in Publishing with Dr Kasia Lech. Online.
14:30-16:00 PANEL 7 Samantha Cade (UCD) Staging The Treaty: Commemorating Ireland’s challenging past through dramatic and artistic representation of citizenship then and now.

Ciara Murphy (NUIG) “Performing the Pandemic: Irish Theatre and Social Change”

Maria Gavina-Costero (U of Valencia) “They Exist in Different Worlds: “Us” and “Them” in Stacey Gregg’s Shibboleth”

PANEL 8 Johanna Bear (UCD) “Come on baby fight the power”: Glitter Hole and Creating Queer Space in a Gentrifying Dublin”

Alyson Campbell, Ross Anderson-Doherty & Jonathan Graffam (U of Melbourne) “Baking Cake Daddy: whipping fat-phobia into fat-positivity with a sprinking of queer subversive fun”

SJ De Matteo (TCD) “Examining Domestic Violence in the Early Plays of “Ireland’s Forgotten Genius” Teresa Deevy





Evening Programme at the Playhouse              


Friday 3rd June

19:00-19:30 A Crack in Everything Film (25 mins)

The Crack in Everything 

Presented by The Playhouse Theatre The Crack in Everything tells the story of six children who were killed during The Troubles between 1971 and 1981. The play was debuted at the Playhouse Theatre in Derry-Londonderry, before touring to Belfast. The cast consisted of a unique mix of those personally connected with the stories told, including Sarah Feeny-Morrison, Maria McGavigan, and Marjorie Leslie, supported by a superb set of professional actors, including Damien Hasson, Colette Lennon Dougal, and Micheál McDaid.

Memories of love, anger, bravery, despair and humour are the touchstones of this important work.

19:30-20:00 Interval reception

20:00-21:15 The Shedding of Skin by Kabosh Theatre Company

21:15-22:00 A Panel Discussion chaired by Dr. Lisa Fitzpatrick featuring Paula McFetridge, Dr Maria Estrada-Fuentes

Saturday 4th June

Evening Programme in The Playhouse

19:00-19:30 Bonfires (30mins)


The story of a young Northern Irish bonfire builder whose antisocial behaviour has led to a judge ordering him to stay away from the bonfires.

Seeking a new outlet for his nephew Stevie’s energies, Stevie’s uncle gives him his father’s 1970s camera. Before his early death, Stevie’s father had been a talented photographer, capturing the early years of the Troubles in Derry. Stevie discovers the joys of printing his own black & white pictures in his uncle’s old darkroom, and meets Melanie, a girl from the “other” community, when he takes her photo on the Derry walls.

But he soon finds himself drawn back to the bonfires – this time documenting his friends’ bonfire-building. When their bonfire is prematurely set alight by a rival gang Stevie has his camera smashed by the gang leader and is challenged to prove his loyalty to his erstwhile comrades and go with them on a revenge raid.

19:30-20:00 Panel- Kevin Murphy, Bobby Smith and Maëline Le Lay

20:00-21:15 The Shedding of Skin by Kabosh Theatre Company