ISTR 2014 – Schedule

Consciousness and Cognition: Theatre Practice and Performance

Friday 23rd and Saturday 24th May 2014 | Western Gateway Building, University College Cork

The Centre for Interdisciplinary Research in Performance Practice at the School of Music and Theatre (UCC) in association with CACSSS Graduate School (UCC) and the Irish Society for Theatre Research

ISTR 2014Book of Abstracts (pdf)

Friday 23rd May 2014

9:30                Registration

Venue: Western Gateway Building (Rear Atrium), UCC Campus, Western Road.

Note: Registration Desk (open until 4pm)

10:00-11:00  Working Groups

  • Room G09 – Performance Philosophy
  • Room G13 – Comedy and Performance
  • Room G18 – Gender and Performance


11:15 to 13:00  Panel 1

Room G09 Irish Theatre : Death, Subjectivity, Transcendence

  • Fiona Fearon (Dundalk IT): ‘The Performance of Grief in Early Twentieth Century Irish Plays’
  • Monica Insinga (UCD): ‘Eternal figures in the work of Marina Carr’
  •  Brenda Donohoe (TCD): ‘Resistant Suicide and Anxiety Management: the self-deaths of female protagonists in the plays of Marina Carr and Emma Dante’
  • Kevin Wallace (IADT): ‘Broken language, broken self: The impact of fragmented language on the representation of subjectivity in Marina Carr’s Portia Coughlan and Enda Walsh’s Disco Pigs

Chair:   Dr. Eamonn Jordan (UCD)

Room G13 Considering the Spectator

  • Kurt Taroff (QUB): ‘Mirroring the Mind: Monodrama and the Immersive Staging of Cognitive Subjectivity’
  • Eric Weitz (TCD): ‘‘When the Mirror Laughs: Significant citations of the bodied original in The Well of the Saints and The Boys of Foley Street
  • Leslie Burton (Independent Researcher): ‘What do we see when we watch puppet theatre?’

Chair: Dr. Aleksandar Sasha Dundjerovic (UCC)

Room G18 Calling to Mind : Memories and Hidden Voices

  • Haley Bueno & Annalisa Porfilio (UCC): ‘Memory – A Spark Ignition for Performance: A starting point for a discussion on the use of memory in performance’
  • Clare Wright (Univ of Kent): ‘Embodying Faith and Medieval Dramatic Practice’
  • Melissa Sihra (TCD): ‘The Consciousness of Place: Language, Memory, Landscape in the Theatre of Marina Carr’
  • Fiona Brennan (Independent Researcher): ‘Pauline Maguire – An Abbey Playwright ‘

Chair: Dr. Mary Noonan (UCC)

Drama LabConnolly Building, Western Road Practice DemoKristin Linklater (Shakespeare Clinic) *** Max Capacity 35 – Please sign-in on registrationChair/Facilitator: Dr. Bernadette Cronin


13:15-13:45  Lunch (Available for purchase in Western Gateway Café)

Lunchtime performance :

Spelling by Inma Pavon (concourse outside WGB Café)
Chaired by Dr. Bernadette Cronin


13:45-14:15  Young Scholars Forum (Dr. Eamonn Jordan) – Room G09


14:15-16:00   Panel 2

Room G09 Performance Philosophies

  • Marcus Tan (QUB): ‘Acoustic Consciousness, Embodiment and Spatiality in Role-Playing and First-Person Video Games’
  • Gabriella Calchi-Novati (TCD): ‘What is Life in a Day? The (Bio)Politics of Self-Expression’
  • Máiréad Ní Chróinín (NUIG): ‘Mobile Technologies and Embodied Performance’

Chair: Dr. Marie Kelly (UCC)

Room G13 Setting the Scene: Minds, Mirrors, Images

  • David Grant (QUB): ‘UNKNOWN KNOWNS: Kinaesthetic Empathy in the making and understanding of Image Theatre’
  • Marie Kelly (UCC): ‘River Casting: Consciousness and Cognition: Olwen Fouéré’s riverrun
  • Siobhan O’Gorman (TCD): ‘The Project Arts Centre and the Development of Ireland’s Scenographic Consciousness’
  • Xristina Penna, (Univ of Leeds): ‘Making Up 2 Minds DIFfERNET. Towards a Cognitive Scenography’

Chair:   Prof. Maria Kurdi (University of Pécs)

Granary Theatre, Mardyke,Cork Performance PanelBeckett’s Not IPerformed by Regina Crowley / Directed by Ger Fitzgibbon / Sound by Mick O’Shea** Please sign in on registrationChair: Dr. Ger Fitzgibbon


16:15-17:30  Granary Theatre, Mardyke, Cork

Keynote 1: 

Kristin Linklater  ‘Breath, Thought, Voice, Word’

Chair: Dr. Bernadette Cronin (UCC)


18:15-19:00 Granary Theatre, Mardyke, Cork

Performance : Cabinet of Curiosities

(A performance by Gaitkrash Theatre Company: Bernadette Cronin, Regina Crowley, Mick, O’Shea)

Chair: Dr. Marie Kelly


19:30              Conference Dinner (Serendipity Restaurant, Western Rd)



Saturday 24th May 2014

9:30                Registration

Venue: Western Gateway Building (Rear Atrium), UCC Campus, Western Road.

Note: Registration Desk (open until lunchtime)


9:30-10:30   Room G402  Zazen Meditation Practice Session
** Max capacity 20 book at registration

Zazen Practitioner/Guide: Padraig Mac Suibhne

Session facilitated by Dr. Bernadette Cronin (UCC)

This meditation practice, which allows the ego to become quiet and the emotions calm, is not just useful to us in our daily lives but allows us as artists to better access our creative impulses, to quote David Feldschuh from his essay Zen and the Actor: ‘Zen [..] views creativity as flowing from a region beyond the conscious mind. Intuition, like a stream, is waiting to bubble forth through the artist. Although this flow cannot be forced, the individual can learn how to get out of the way, to eliminate blocks and more readily alllow the creative unconscious to manifest itself.’


10:30-12:15   Panel 3

Room G402 Thinking and Re-thinking Beckett

  • Bernadette Cronin (UCC): ‘“… this step, and this step, and this step…”: Mindfulness and Performing the Theatre of Samuel Beckett’
  • Kevin Power (UCC): ‘Zazen, Philosophy of Mind and the Practicality of Impermanence’
  • Anthony McGrath (TCD): ‘Beckett’s Better Consciousness: a Schopenhauerian Reading of Eleutheria’

Chair:   Dr. Ger Fitzgibbon (UCC)

Room G13 Moving Bodies : Moving Minds

  • Joanna Maryam Lally (TCD): ‘‘Pina Bausch’s Orpheus und Eurydike: the musicality of the moving body’
  • Stefanie Dinkelbach (NUIG): ‘Performance versus trauma: the ‘Theatre of the Absurd’ and ‘Butoh’ as a response to trauma-like experiences in the macro-social context.’
  • Aoife McGrath (QUB): ‘A dose of reality: choreographies of affective adjacency’

Chair: Dr. Finola Cronin (UCD)

Room G09 Performance PanelTelling StoriesDonard McKenzieChan E ParkMind Reading / Mind ControlScotty Walsh (Independent Researcher): ‘BR41NW45H3D ? Down the Rabbit Hole of Mind Reading and Mind Control’Chair: Dr. Marie Kelly (UCC)


12:30-14:00 Panel 4

Room G09 Theatre and Performance in Ireland : Gender Consciousness

  • Carole Quigley (TCD): ‘Femininity and the ‘perfect’ doll’
  • Bryan Hogan (QUB): ‘“Gender Discombobulation”: Articulating the phobia in homophobia’
  • Cormac O’Brien (UCD): ‘Queering the ‘Punishment Paradox’ of AIDS in Irish Realist Theatre’

Chair:   Dr. Lisa Fitzpatrick (University of Ulster)

Room G13PAPER PANEL Marks of the Material

  • Eamonn Jordan (UCD): ‘The Self-Consciousness of Money’
  • Patricia McTighe (Univ. of Reading): ‘Loving Objects: Consciousness and Materiality in I Am My Own Wife
  • Christopher Collins (TCD): ‘Performing Irish-American Heritage’
  • Zheyu Wei (TCD): I Love XXX: the Search of Self in the Globalized China’

Chair: Gabriella Calchi-Novati (TCD)

Drama Lab,Connolly Building,Western Road Practice Demos(1)Dance Demo ‘Make Your Own Spelling’ (Inma Pavon MA, UCC)(2)Michael Chekhov and the Power of Centering (Mary Moynihan MA, DIT)Chair: Prof. Franc Chamberlain (Univ. of Huddersfield)


14:00-14:30  Lunch  (Available for purchase in Western Gateway Café)

14:30-15:00  AGM – Room G05

15:00-16:45 Panel 5

Room G09 Consciousness and the Actor

  • Jessica Beck (Royal Holloway): ‘The Art of ‘Conciousing’: (Re)perceiving mind/body unity through The Feldenkrais Method & Alba Emoting’
  • Franc Chamberlain: (Univ of Huddersfield): ‘Michael Chekhov, Consciousness, and Anthroposophy’
  • Ambrose Cohen (Univ of Montana): ‘Properties of Consciousness: Performing the Thing in Contemporary Theatre’
  • Gemma Linda McGill (TCD): ‘Grotowski and the Song’

Chair:   Dr. Bernadette Cronin (UCC)

Room G18 Speaking Ireland on Stage : Utterances and Dialects

  • Elizabeth Howard (Waterford IT): ‘Blaa Heads: Red Kettle Theatre Company in a Sociolinguistic Context’
  • Maria Kurdi (University of Pécs, Hungary ): ‘Irish History on the Hungarian Stage: A Physical Theatre Performance of Helen Edmundson’s The Clearing’
  • Jesse Weaver (Independent Researcher and Practitioner): ‘The Physiology of the Act of Utterance: The Language of Tom Murphy and the Creative Performer’
  • Tim Barrett (TCD): ‘Cognitive Citations and (Re)citations in Jennifer Johnston’s Monodrama’

Chair: Dr. Meliss Sihra (TCD)

Room G402Drama LabConnolly Building, Western Road Performance Panels

  • Bernadette Sweeney and Michael Murphy (Univ of Montana): ‘Rethinking: Beckett in performance across disciplines’

Chair: Dr. Marie Kelly (UCC)


Liminality and Mind (Performed Papers)

  • Tracy Evans (Aberystwyth University): ‘Listening to the Space Between Us’
  • Irene Murphy (Independent Researcher and Practitioner): ‘I find myself (in two minds)

Chair: Dr. Aoife McGrath (QUB)


17:00              Room G05

Keynote 2:

Dr. Bruce McConachie  ‘An Ethics Based in Pragmatic Naturalism for Theatre and Performance Studies’

Chair: Dr. Marie Kelly (UCC)


Concluding Discussion Panel:
Prof. Franc Chamberlain (Univ of Huddersfield), Dr. Aleksandar Dundjerovic (UCC), Dr. Bernadette Cronin (UCC)


18:45              End of Conference Drinks

Common Room, Main Campus, UCC