The Irish Society for Theatre Research (ISTR) aims to promote and support scholarly and practice-based research on theatre and performance taking place in Ireland as well as international research on topics related to Irish theatre and performance. Our remit is to facilitate transnational exchanges of research by including perspectives on theatre and performance from diverse regions internationally. The field of theatre and performance is being transformed by new approaches to historiography and by the remarkable diversity of contemporary practice. Thus, although we are located in Ireland and many of our members research theatre made here, we embrace multiplicity and facilitate research that engages with the full range of theatre and performance practices within and between different local, national and international contexts.

ISTR prides itself on creating warm, welcoming and intellectually-stimulating fora for researchers and practitioners to discuss key issues in theatre and performance (from within and beyond Ireland) relating to historical and contemporary times. For more than a decade, this organisation has valued culturally diverse perspectives, promoted critical generosity, and resisted perceptions of intellectual superiority in discussions and feedback. While maintaining high standards in the quality of material included across our different fora, we seek to support contributors at all professional levels and are open always to including new additions within our community.

Across the wide spectrum of our activities, we advocate for equality, social justice and active citizenship.