‘The Plays of Maura Laverty: Liffey Lane, Tolka Row, A Tree in the Crescent’ edited by Cathy Leeney and Deirdre McFeely

We are pleased to highlight this important publication, which brings together these works of Irish playwright Maura Laverty for the first time.

Publication DateMay 2023
PublisherLiverpool University Press

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Books Ireland, November 2023:

‘This book presents Maura Laverty’s plays Liffey Lane, Tolka Row, and A Tree in the Crescent, published in 2023 for the first time. Their  premiere productions met with huge success when staged in 1951 and 1952 by Hilton Edwards of the Gate Theatre Company at Dublin’s Gaiety and Gate theatres, and on tour. The trilogy is a significant and long-awaited part of the twentieth-century Irish theatrical canon. … Teeming with the lives of the poor, the ambitious, the trapped, and the struggling, the plays are moving, funny, and vividly alive.’ 

Irish Times, 23 December 2023:

‘… Laverty connected with the tastes and trends of a changing Ireland like few other writers. …The Plays of Maura Laverty brings together the complete plays of the author. … From tenement dwellings on Liffey Lane to the emerging Catholic middle classes and expanding urban and suburban landscape … the plays … form an important social record of Ireland’s recent past…’

The details of the book cover image are: Peggy Marshall as May Farrell and Denis Brennan as Fintan Farrell in A Tree in the Crescent (1952). The editors gratefully acknowledge the McCormick Library of Special Collections and University Archives at Northwestern University as the source of the image.