The Palgrave Handbook of Contemporary Irish Theatre and Performance

Editors: Jordan, Eamonn, Weitz, Eric

The Palgrave Handbook of Contemporary Irish Theatre and Performance Photo by Robert Altman

This Handbook offers a multiform sweep of theoretical, historical, practical and personal glimpses into a landscape roughly characterised as contemporary Irish theatre and performance. Bringing together a spectrum of voices and sensibilities in each of its four sections — Histories, Close-ups, Interfaces, and Reflections — it casts its gaze back across the past sixty years or so to recall, analyse, and assess the recent legacy of theatre and performance on this island. While offering information, overviews and reflections of current thought across its chapters, this book will serve most handily as food for thought and a springboard for curiosity. Offering something different in its mix of themes and perspectives, so that previously unexamined surfaces might come to light individually and in conjunction with other essays, it is a wide-ranging and indispensable resource in Irish theatre studies.

Table of contents (46 chapters)

  • Introductions/Orientations

    Jordan, Eamonn (et al.)

    Pages 1-28

  • The Mainstream: Problematising and Theorising

    Richards, Shaun

    Pages 31-44

  • The Theatre Royal: Dublin

    Doyle, Conor

    Pages 45-49

  • The Politics of Performance: Theatre in and about Northern Ireland

    Fitzpatrick, Lisa

    Pages 51-67

  • The Literary Tradition in the History of Modern Irish Drama

    Murray, Christopher

    Pages 69-83

  • #WakingTheFeminists

    Quigley, Carole

    Pages 85-91

  • Live Art in Ireland

    Mannion, Una

    Pages 93-112

  • Gestures of Resistance: Dance in 1990s Ireland

    Cronin, Finola

    Pages 113-133

  • Contemporary Theatre in the Irish Language

    Coilféir, Máirtín

    Pages 135-149

  • Theatre for Young Audiences in Ireland

    Maguire, Tom

    Pages 151-164

  • Performance in the Community: Amateur Drama and Community Theatre

    Howard, Elizabeth

    Pages 165-180

  • Performing Politics: Queer Theatre in Ireland, 1968–2017

    Halferty, J. Paul

    Pages 181-199

  • Long Flame in the Hideous Gale: The Politics of Irish Popular Performance 1950–2000

    Colleary, Susanne

    Pages 201-220

  • Other Theatres

    Collins, Christopher

    Pages 221-232

  • Independent Theatre and New Work

    Kostick, Gavin

    Pages 233-237

  • Funding, Sponsorship and Touring: Causing a Co-Motion

    Troupe, Shelley

    Pages 239-253

  • New Century Theatre Companies: From Dramatist to Collective

    O’Brien, Cormac

    Pages 255-268

  • The Joyful Mysteries of Comedy

    Farrell, Bernard

    Pages 271-285

  • The Lambert Theatre and Puppetry Redefined

    McCormick, John

    Pages 287-292

  • Scenic Transitions: From Drama to Experimental Practices in Irish Theatre

    Ruiz, Noelia

    Pages 293-308

  • Key Moments and Relationships: Working with Pat Kinevane

    Culleton, Jim

    Pages 309-313

  • Irish Cinema and Theatre: Adapting to Change

    Barton, Ruth

    Pages 315-329

  • Actor Training in Ireland Since 1965

    Trench, Rhona

    Pages 331-340

  • Irish Theatre: A Designer’s Theatre

    O’Gorman, Siobhán

    Pages 341-360

  • Props to the Abbey Prop Man

    Murphy, Eimer

    Pages 361-374

  • Irish Theatre: An Actor’s Theatre

    Sweeney, Bernadette

    Pages 375-391

  • The Figurative Artist & ÚNA’N’ANU

    Kavanagh, Úna

    Pages 393-397

  • Irish Theatre: A Director’s Theatre

    Walsh, Ian R.

    Pages 399-413

  • In the Wake of Olwen Fouéré’s riverrun

    Hughes, Kellie

    Pages 415-419

  • Irish Theatre: A Writer’s Theatre

    Grene, Nicholas

    Pages 421-434

  • The Making of Mainstream

    McDonagh, Rosaleen

    Pages 435-441

  • Participatory Performance: Spaces of Creative Negotiation

    McCarthy, Kate (et al.)

    Pages 443-462

  • Other Spaces (Non-theatre Spaces)

    McIvor, Charlotte

    Pages 465-486

  • Irish Plays in Other Places: Royal Court, RSC, Washington and Berlin

    Wallace, Kevin

    Pages 487-499

  • Ripping Up the Original?: Fictional Adaptations in Contemporary Irish Theatre

    Fogarty, Anne

    Pages 501-515

  • Circuitous Pathways: Marina Carr’s Labyrinth of Feminist Form in the US World Premiere of Phaedra Backwards

    Sihra, Melissa

    Pages 517-525

  • Being Intercultural in Irish Theatre and Performance

    Leeney, Cathy

    Pages 527-545

  • Once Upon a Time in the Life of Arambe: A Personal Reflection

    Adigun, Bisi

    Pages 547-554

  • Intercultural Arrivals and Encounters with Trauma in Contemporary Irish Drama

    Urban, Eva

    Pages 555-573

  • Dramaturgical Complicity: Representing Trauma in Brokentalkers’ The Blue Boy

    Donoghue, Kate

    Pages 575-580

  • Between the City and the Village: Liminal Spaces and Ambivalent Identities in Contemporary Irish Theatre

    Devaney, Brian

    Pages 581-598

  • Verse in Twenty-First Century Irish Theatre

    Lech, Kasia

    Pages 599-613

  • The Gate Theatre on the Road: O’Casey, Pinter and Friel

    Kurdi, Mária

    Pages 615-629

  • Festivals and Curation: What Is a Festival For?

    White, Willie

    Pages 631-636

  • Interart Relations and Self-Reflexivity in Contemporary Irish Drama

    Bertha, Csilla

    Pages 637-655

  • “Contempt of Flesh”: Adventures in the Uncanny Valley—Stacey Gregg’s Override

    Taggart, Ashley

    Pages 657-663