Postdoctoral Researcher at Moore Institute, University of Galway

‘The Price of Performance: A Question of Economic Sustainability for Independent Theatre Production in Ireland, Northern Ireland and Scotland, 2000-2020’

Applications are invited from suitably qualified candidates for a full-time, fixed term position as a Postdoctoral Researcher at the Moore Institute, University of Galway.

This position is funded by the Irish Research Council Laureate Awards and is available from 01 March 2023 to 31 August 2025

TPOP provides the first transnational, interdisciplinary, qualitative, and quantitative analysis of the economics of independent theatre production between 2000-2020 informed by the economic, geographic, artistic and socio-cultural conditions of Ireland, Northern Ireland and Scotland. Through this research, TPOP asks if and how economic sustainability arises for independent theatre production, despite the varying challenges the sector confronts. Theatre economics set parameters for what is produced on stage, and thus, what may be analysed to produce knowledge. Yet, there is no substantive research pertaining to the economics of independent theatre production nationally or transnationally in 21st century northern Europe. The Eurozone economic crash and ongoing recessionary impact (2008), the environmental crisis and Paris Climate Agreement (2015), the consequences and implications of Brexit (2016) and most recently, the COVID-19 global pandemic (2019), have created conditions of intense turbulence economically, politically, socially, and environmentally. The conditions for imagining, producing, co-producing and touring performance in Ireland, Northern Ireland and Scotland are thus informed by and respond to these conditions, which are local, regional, national and global. In turn, this frames the scope for creative potential, expression and encounter. TPOP is led by the question of economic sustainability for independent theatre production locally, nationally, and internationally, which includes analysis of theatre’s carbon footprint in this time of eco-crisis. However, TPOP’s novel objectives will also question what is not being produced due to economic turbulence and world events as a result of its bespoke blended methodology that includes qualitative and quantitative analysis in addition to financial data analysis, theatre production analysis, cultural economics and policy analysis.


Job Description:

The successful candidate will:

  • Demonstrate a systematic understanding of at least one of the fields of: Contemporary Cultural Economics, Cultural and Arts Policy, Theatre Economics, and/or Theatre Policy
  • Conduct Qualitative and Quantitative Research Methods
  • Interpret and analyse budget-led data from theatre and arts contexts
  • Possess skills in research networking and dissemination, such as communications and marketing, especially for digital fora
  • Travel throughout the island of Ireland and Scotland for research purposes
  • Possess strong interpersonal skills and collaborative working practices
  • Co-author research outputs for international peer-reviewed publications
  • Offer expertise in Irish, Northern Irish and Scottish theatre, performance and cultural production for live audiences



  • Prepare a literature review of theatre, arts and cultural policies in Northern Europe, with a designated focus on economic policies and budgets, in collaboration with PI
  • Conduct qualitative research methods with theatre companies in Ireland, Northern Ireland and Scotland, in collaboration with PI
  • Conduct quantitative research methods at conferences, symposia and events (live and/or online) in Ireland, Northern Ireland and Scotland, in collaboration with PI
  • Analyse major economic impact of 21st century on the production and sustainability of independent theatre practice in Ireland, Northern Ireland and Scotland, in collaboration with PI.
  • Interpret, analyse and disseminate research findings through peer-reviewed publications, in collaboration with PI.


Qualifications/Skills required:

Essential Requirements:

  • PhD in one of the following areas: Cultural Studies, Theatre Studies, Economics, Public Policy
  • Expertise in quantitative and qualitative research methods
  • Research-led publication output or plan for publication
  • Engagement with theatre, arts, and cultural practice in either/all of: Ireland, Northern Ireland or Scotland


Desirable Requirements:

  • Communication and marketing skills, especially digital skills
  • Strong interpersonal skills and collaborative working ethos
  • Ability to travel easily for research
  • Strong academic writing skills


Salary: €41,209 per annum pro rata for shorter and/or part-time contracts (public sector pay policy rules pertaining to new entrants will apply).

Start date: Position is available from 01 March 2023

Continuing Professional Development/Training:

The University of Galway provides continuing professional development supports for all researchers seeking to build their own career pathways either within or beyond academia.  Researchers are encouraged to engage with our Researcher Development Centre (RDC) upon commencing employment – see for further information.’

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