Body Activities
Practice-as-research at the intersection between embodied practice and theory.

19th & 20th June in the Firkin Crane, the Home of Dance.

A collaboration between

Drama and Theatre Studies, School of Music and Theatre, UCC, Cork Midsummer Festival,  The Firkin Crane, The Triskel Arts Centre & The Guest House

Deadline for submission is Fri 21st April.

The presence of the body as a source of knowledge in/as practice and performance is increasingly becoming a subject of inquiry among practitioners and scholars alike. Nowadays it seems that technology is threatening to eclipse the body and disembody it from the immediacy of sensing, connecting to others, communicating, expressing the self, and thus making it into an objective body. This conference aims to help to reinstate the body, place it back under the spotlight, and create a bespoke safe place for it under the wings of an academic research framework.

We would like to open up this ‘place’ to body-centred researchers, whose focus is on embodied practice in/as performance, to those who would like to contribute to Body Activities fields of study such as Performance Art, Physical Theatre and Dance.

Keynote Speaker & Participatory Performance: Amanda Coogan

Coogan pushes the boundary of the physical body to its absolute limit, drawing on themes of repetition, endurance and, ultimately, exhaustion. There is a requirement on the part of the audience to be willing to engage with and understand that there are other forms of communication at work here besides the contested medium of verbal language. Coogan’s work delivers a different type of language, equally legitimate as a form of communication (Brenda O’Connell, The Art of Exhaustion in Amanda Coogan’s Performance Art)

Perforum Conference 2017 invites:

Practitioners, artists and scholars, whose work falls under the umbrella of embodied practice-as research in academia and in the artistic fields of Performance Art, Theatre and Dance to present their research through 45-minute workshops or 20-minute paper presentations.

We invite proposals for workshops that share research findings with a group of maximum 12 participants and observers, and paper presentations that thrive on performative approaches to sharing research, including short practical demonstrations, use of video documentation etc

Irish Performance Artist Amanda Coogan will lead an exploratory performance event with a group of participants in the historic Shandon Quarter Area, where the Firkin Crane Home of Dance is located. She will also give a keynote address to the conference on her embodied practice and will open up aspects of her recent Phd research project (2013) entitled: Deconstructing and Re-constructing Instances of Live Durational Performance Art: Yellow-Reperformed. Amanda’s latest film entitled Amanda Coogan: Long Now by film director Paddy Cahill will premier at The Triskel Arts Centre.
Topics for workshops and papers:

Embodied practice-as research, autoethnographic methodology, Performance Art, Physical Theatre, Dance & Somatic practices, Voice, embodied writing, meditative practice in/as performance
We welcome 300-word proposals for:

– Practical workshops (45 minutes)

– Paper presentations (20 minutes, including documentation and practical elements)

Please include a 50 word bio.

Deadline for submission is Fri 21st April.

We also invite: 100-word applications stating your interest in this event from volunteers to participate in Amanda Coogan’s exploratory performance event (1-hour duration, historic Shandon Quarter, Monday 19th June, 7pm)

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