Theatre & Performance Research: Covid-19

Despite our restricted mobility and the enormous challenges we have faced since the onset of Covid-19 in March of this year, the power of our performance culture has permeated our world across the web, on the airwaves, and in inventive and out of the ordinary public and private spaces. Our theatres, cinemas, and sports arenas may have been closed but we’ve had opera singing from balconies, home-made theatre staged in back gardens, free access to theatre archives; new plays on YouTube and Vimeo; meetings and events on Zoom, Teams, and other sites; socially distant gatherings; and public protests – some with masks and social distancing and some, controversially, without. Not all interactions were physical, but many were vital. They allowed us to: maintain, and make new, connections; represent our experiences; continue to play with and for each other; and to contribute collectively to securing a more equitable and sustainable future for our planet and its inhabitants. As Kelly, O’Gorman and Phillips point out in their 2020 article ‘Performing Ireland’, we ‘have learned to adapt, we have learned to see ourselves on screen, we have learned of the values and pitfalls of technology, and we have learned much about pervasive inequality; but most of all, we have learned the importance of “being in touch”’ (see forthcoming publications below). Critics, artists, arts organisations and members of the research community on theatre and performance in Ireland and elsewhere have been sharing their views and experiences during this hugely significant time in our history and we take pleasure in listing some of these below. 

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