ISTR Conference 2010

Performance as Event and Its Technologies of Representation

School of Drama , Film and Music, Trinity College Dublin | 23-24 April 2010 

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The event is the means by which the truth of newness enters the world.   – Andrew Gibson  

… the more questioningly we ponder the essence of technology, the more mysterious the essence of art becomes.  –  Martin Heidegger

This conference will address a concern for the material act – the event – of performance. In addition to papers which address any aspect of Irish theatre, abstracts are sought which explore the technologies of representation – costume, lighting, design, directing, text, acting/embodiment, which operate to create that happening. While there is a focus on the performance act, each aspect (or technology) of theatre-making and theatrical representation is welcomed. The conference invites philosophical, political, ethical, aesthetic and dramaturgical critical interrogations of the traditional creative models of the theatre event as well as diverse cultural performance practices and the field of Performance Studies.

This year’s focus on ‘technologies’ also addresses electronic performative modes of expression, such as Facebook, Second Life, YouTube and Twitter, which reconfigure our notions of performance and subjectivity within digital culture. Incorporated also are the theories and practices of technical production. Finally, critical responses to the technologies of feeling and creativity for performers, directors and teachers – the mechanics of practice along the continuum from inspiration through to performance, are sought.

Papers are also welcome on any of the following topics:

–          Irish plays and practitioners in Irish and/or Global contexts

–          Beckett’s theatre and/or his exploration of mediated performativity (radio, film, and television)

–          Gender and Performance

–          Globalisation and performance

–          Hybridised, virtual and networked forms of performance

–          Performing the self in electronic social networks

–          New philosophies of performance: (e.g. event theory)

–          The saturation point of media technologies in live performance

–          The advent of Post-postmodern performance (or post-postdramatic)

Keynote Speakers:

Professor Elaine Aston, University of Lancaster

Professor Marina Carr, School of Drama , Film and Music, Trinity College Dublin

Professor Andrew Gibson, University of London , Royal Holloway (Annual Samuel Beckett Lecture, Thursday 22 April 2010)

Please send 200-word abstract proposals and a short biographical note by email attachment to Dr. Melissa Sihra at by 05 February 2010. Panel Proposals are also very welcome.